7 Tips To Look Stylish Without Trying Too Hard (Master Sprezzatura & Look Amazing With No Effort)

7 Tips To Look Stylish Without Trying Too Hard (Master Sprezzatura & Look Amazing With No Effort)

Look Stylish Without Trying
[0:00:00] If you’re around men’s style long enough,
you’re going to hear the word sprezzatura. It’s a four hundred-year old Italian word
that for many guys is the [pintacle] of men’s style. It’s to look sharp, to look amazing without
even trying. So, how to achieve that? Guys, that’s the subject of today’s video. [Music]
Tip number one. Make sure everything in your wardrobe coordinates. You’re going to for the interchangeable
wardrobe. That’s where all of your shoes, all of your
trousers, all of your shirts, all of your jackets work together. So, you got three pairs of shoes that are
interchangeable with three trousers with three shirts with three jackets. That’s eighty one combinations. That’s almost enough clothing to go three
months without wearing the same thing. So, let’s start off with a section of the
interchangeable wardrobe – your footwear. What you want to do is stick with a similar
color or a series of colors in each section, so with your trousers, with your shirts, with
your boots. I love boots, they simply work for my area
and you notice right here, I’ve got two different shades. They’re about the same style, then I bring
in a different shade, but a different style. And you notice because they’re all brown,
I can safely assume, okay, all of my accessories are going to work with this. And let’s talk about trousers. So, 90% of the trousers I wear on a day to
day basis are going to be blue and gray because those two colors work with almost everything
in my interchangeable wardrobe. Now, the nice thing about blue is blue jeans
I absolutely love a dark-colored blue jeans, it works for my lifestyle, it definitely works
with the boots, and it’s going to match almost any sports jacket in my arsenal right
over here. Next up, let’s talk about the shirts that
make up the majority of my interchangeable wardrobe. You’re going to notice that two colors dominate
– blue and white. If you think that’s boring, you’ve got
no imagination, guys. Just look at these beautiful patterns here. You can go with something like that. Any one of these shirts are going to go with
any of my interchangeable trousers and are going to work with my sports jackets. Now, let’s talk about the jackets in my
interchangeable wardrobe. You notice, three colors dominate. We’ve got the browns, we have the blues,
and we have the greens. Guys, I can simply take what I talk about
earlier. Those blue jeans, bring in some boots. This shirt right here, notice how this combination
will look just great with the sports jacket or with a leather jacket with a trucker jacket
with a suede jacket. That’s because I took the time to put together
an interchangeable wardrobe where every item is going to work with every other piece. So, my next tip for you to dress sharp without
having to think about it, work with a style curator. This is an expert that understands body types,
understands complexions. They could look at you and listen to you about
your needs and your wants and they can put together a set of outfits so that you can
start to look sharp without having to really put in much work. That could cost you quite a bit of money if
you want to work with someone who their sole job is to go in and put together pieces, but
it could be worth it. Now, if you’re looking for less expensive
option, an option doesn’t matter where you’re at in the world, guys, go check out Bombfell,
the paid sponsor of today’s video. Guys, Bombfell is an easier way for men to
get better clothes. It’s fully personalized. Every piece has been handpicked for you by
your own stylist. Now, this is how it works. First, you sign up and you indicate your measurements
and style preferences. Next, you set up your order. You let them know exactly what you want to
get or you can just say, hey, surprise me based off these preferences. Next, you get to preview email. And this is your stylist, they put together
an outfit and you get to actually look at the outfit before they send it out and say
I like this or I don’t, so you can cancel you can change anything, you can let them
know you don’t like it, or you can just confirm the order. Next, you receive the clothing. You’ve got seven days to try the clothing
on before you’re charged. You return what you don’t like and you only
pay for what you keep. All right, guys, so this is what I got from
Bombfell. This outfit here, what do you think? This is the fit of the shirt, I really actually
like it. The fit was spot on. Now, the sweater, I wouldn’t have normally
chosen this sweater especially with the herringbone pattern, maybe with that casual pocket on
the left arm right there, but I actually like it and, again, the fit is spot on. Next up, let’s talk about the pants. The fit is spot on and the style is pretty
good. The only thing I don’t really like about
it is going to be right here on the thighs. It’s got a little bit of a lighter color. I like my denim just a solid color throughout. So, for this reason, I probably would send
this denim back. So, another cool thing I like about Bombfell
is if you keep two items, you save 10%, you keep three items, you save 15%, you keep four
items, you save 20% on the entire purchase. Guys, I’m linking to Bombfell down in the
description of this video with the best deal you’re going to find out there, $25 off
your first purchase. To take advantage of this, go to Bombfell.com/RMRS. Again, that’s B-O-M-B-F-E-L-L.com/RMRS for
the best deal you’re going to find out there. The next step to looking amazing without having
to do much work is to purge your closet of all the clutter all the items that are in
the way and basically are distracting you from looking your best. So, anything that stained, anything that is
irreparably damaged, anything that doesn’t fit you, get a box and put a date on it, put
everything in that box. I mean take a couple of boxes, seal it up,
put it at the back of your closet. And if you don’t open it for a year, then
donate those items. [0:05:04]
But now, look in your empty drawers, you’ve maybe only three pairs of socks left. So, go out there and purchase some nice new
socks. But, look at the socks you’re wearing, the
ones you really like and by duplicates, nothing wrong with having multiple pairs of socks
that all look the same. Then, look at your shoes, if you’re wearing
the same boots again and again, maybe get one, again, in a slightly different color,
but the same style and that you start to develop your uniform. Your uniform sends the message you want to
send and actually controls that image and there’s nothing wrong with a man having
a go-to uniform. So, the next tip to improve your style without
much effort is to level up your accessories. And a lot of you guys resist spending good
money on nice sunglasses or other pieces, oftentimes this is a loop in which you simply
don’t take care of your sunglasses because you know they’re cheap and you’re rough
with them. But, I know for me, when I first spent good
money on a nice pair of sunglasses, first off, I saw that I could see much clearer. They were – they were amazing and then all
of a sudden I realized I did put them in the case, I was careful. Why not bring in some variety as well? So, you know you like that, you know, cooler
lens there, why not bring in something with a bit of color? Maybe a reflective lens. Why not change it up bring in a pair of clubmasters? It’s not full Wayfarers, but it is something
that’s going to immediately change up the look. My point, gentlemen, is that accessories can
have a huge effect on your overall look. It’s like a chain, it’s only as strong
as its weakest link, so make sure you pay attention to the accessory. Go for a fashion piece, go for a piece of
higher quality, but change up your accessories, have fun with them. The next tip to level up your style without
much effort, be prepared. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of
cure. Have you ever had one of those mornings you
got a big presentation and nothing is right? You can’t find your keys, your sports jacket
has a stain, you can’t find your trousers, your shirt because it’s down in the laundry,
your shoes are scuffed. Guys, you are not prepared. You want to make it easier so when you wake
up everything is just simply laid out, everything is in its place, everything can be found,
everything is ready to go. So, leverage valets. I love things like these, they have got the
sunglasses, they’ve got the keys, everything is where it should be. My jacket is hung, my trousers are ready,
everything is pressed, your shoes are shined. When you have systems like this, it is easy
to look sharp. All right, gents, so this next tip to level
up your style without much work, it’s kind of a mind act and that is you’re going to
dress sharp for one person – yourself. When you’re at home, you’re going to practice
dressing sharp, you’re going to bring in new styles, you’re going to try something
different. You are literally going to dress better at
one home when no one sees you than you do when you go out. Why would you do this? We worry about what other people think, but
here is the deal is that most people are concerned with themselves and it’s about you building
confidence to become a better dressed man, you’re practicing. So all of a sudden you start to realized,
I feel pretty good in this bowtie. You wear it around town, nobody says anything,
in fact, you get compliments. You build up that confidence bit by bit and
all of a sudden you become a sharp-dressed man just simply by practicing and dressing
better on your own. The next tip for you to level up your style
without much effort is to steal the style of your favorite celebrity, of your favorite
musician, of your favorite actor, and, guys, no one’s going to notice except you. You’re going to look at yourself in the
mirror and you’re going to say, I look great. So, maybe you’ve got a complexion like Edris
Elba, look at the colors that work with his dark complexion and steal those. Maybe you’ve got the built of Ryan Gosling
and you’ve got his lighter complexion, then look at what looks great on this guy. And if you want more, you want to be inspired,
guys, check out this video right here. I’ve got 59 well-dressed men from around
the world no matter what your complexion is no matter what your build is, I try to cover
a wide variety here. Check out this video if you want some inspiration. And after everything, if this still sounds
like a lot of work here like, Antonio, come on make it easy. Guys, that’s why I’m linking to Bombfell
down in the description of this video. Go click on that link. That’s Bombfell.com/RMRS. You’re going to get the best deal out there
$25 off your first purchase with Bombfell and I have to admit, again, I loved the outfit
they put together. I was very happy that they nailed it on the
fit. And when it comes down to it, they actually
have a stylist who goes through looks at all the information you put in there. It’s individually curated, you’ve got
to love you can go in there and adjust it, you know, before they send it out. You can send everything back if you don’t
want it. I just love a service like this that makes
it easier for you to become a sharp-dressed man. Click on that link down in the description. And, remember, if you want more I’m putting
out videos Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and now, Mondays here at Real Men Real Style
so I can continue to put out great solid information, so you can become the man you know yourself
to be. That’s it, guys. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video. [0:09:37] End of Audio

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  • Check out Bombfell here https://www.bombfell.com/rmrs and get $25 off your first order.

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