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All right, gents, in today’s video, five reasons to start wearing a watch today and
even if you wear a watch, I think you’re going to learn something new in today’s
video. I got some pretty solid points especially
point number two. I think this one is going to blow you away. Are you ready, guys? Let’s get into it. [Music]
Reason number one to start wearing a watch, gentlemen, it has special meaning. That watch is more than just a timepiece. Your watch can be a reminder of a business
success, of a gift that somebody gave to you who is long gone, of a family heirloom that’s
been passed on and gives you strength, when you wear it, it reminds you of your great
grandfather. Whatever it may be, understand that watches
are more than just timepieces. All right, before I get into reason number
two which is going to be awesome, it’s going to blow you away, I want to let you know all
these watches you’re seeing are brought to you by Vincero. They’re the paid sponsor of today’s video
and, guys, for over two years I’ve been talking about this company. Guys, these watches are great-looking timepieces. When you wear them, you’re going to get
compliments and that’s what the guys at Vincero set out to do. They wanted to create an affordable watch
that when a man wears it, people are going to think it cost ten times what it really
cost and they’re going to give them compliments. He’s going to stand out from the crowd. Go check out the reviews. On their website, thousands of five-star reviews. These are real people going in there and just
saying why they love the watches, how they’re buying multiple watches. Guys, I’m putting a link down in the description
of this video along with the discount code. Use it or lose it. It’s not going to be around forever. And, again, for over two years I’ve worked
with this company, I’ve met the founders, I’ve been to their office in San Diego. These guys are awesome, they’re the real
deal. I’m proud to support them. Reason number two to start wearing a watch. Science has shown that you are less likely
to be late. Yes. This one blew me away. It’s based off a 2015 study in the brain
and cognitive section at Peer Journal. What they exactly showed in the study they
took ninety individuals both men and women. Some of them are wearing watches some of them
were not and they measured, okay, let’s look at timeliness, the ability to show up
at a destination. All of them knew where they were going, all
of them had cell phones in their pockets that could tell the time, but those that wear watches
on average showed up three minutes earlier than those that did not. They took this study they felt ninety wasn’t
enough, they did it again with almost six hundred people and found the same thing. So, what does this tell you? If you want to show up on time, if you want
to get away from being late, start to wear a watch. All of a sudden, you’re going to be more
conscientious. Wearing that watch can have a huge effect
on you. Reason number three to start wearing a watch. You can check the time without distractions. So, you look down there, you get the exact
time. With my phone, okay, check the time, got it. But, oh, I got a message and I did actually
just got a message. Oh, I had some other messages which I put
off. I can go into Facebook, I can go into the
YouTube creator app. There are just so many distractions right
here on the phone and of course, I feel like I’m getting something done, but I just went
in here to check the time. Don’t fall into the trap which is your phone
when all you are looking to do is check the time. Now, another thing about the phone is if you
want to check it and you’re at a meeting, right? You got to pull it out of your pocket, you
check the time, and you put it back. Well, guess what? Everyone saw that you just checked the time
and that can be perceived as rude. But guess what you can do with a watch? You can put your hands out there and you can
just kind of glance down. Well, that was a lot, you know, maybe that
wasn’t too subtle, but I bet you could do it a lot more subtle than me and that’s
the point. The watch is the best item out there for telling
you the time without distraction. Reason number for to start wearing a watch,
gentlemen. Watches are an additional way for you to stand
out from the crowd and express your individual style. Guys, they’re an awesome piece of men’s
jewelry that are accepted pretty much anywhere in the world and there are so many options
when it comes to watches. You’ve got dress watches, you’ve got dive
watches, you have pocket watches, you have smart watches. The list goes on and on. And then, within a particular type of watch,
there are so many options there. So, you can, you know, right here this dress
watch, you can start to go with a metal band, right on there looking good right there. You can start to bring in different colored
bands. Right here, I’ve got a dark brown. I could bring in a green, one of my favorite
colors. I could bring in a dark blue. I could bring, again, dark brown, but all
of a sudden the face right here the dial has changed right here on the watch. Also, I’ve gone with a rose gold different
metals. There are all types of different things you
can do with these watches. But, whatever it is, you can express yourself
through a watch. Reason number five to start wearing a watch. Watches garner compliments. Watches help start conversations. So, when it comes to compliments, people notice
a nice watch, it’s just something we’ve been conditioned to identify to see and to
think, okay, that guy has style, that guy has class, that’s a nice watch. And people all of a sudden give you a compliment. When people give you a compliment, you feel
better. Now, let’s talk about how watches encourage
conversation. So, if you wear watches you collect watches
you really just love watches, you are going to notice other people wearing watches. If you get up close you’re sitting next
to them, that’s a nice watch. You give a compliment and what’s the brand,
where did you get it, can you tell me the story behind it. [0:05:08]
And that’s what’s cool about this is that all of a sudden you start having a conversation
about watches with someone who probably you wouldn’t have been able to talk to or, you
know, you just wouldn’t have had a reason. So, guys, start conversations by wearing a
watch. All right, gentlemen, now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments
do you agree with this video did I hit all the points? Do you disagree? You’re like, Antonio, I hate watches and
I’ll tell you why. Well, let me know down in the comments. And, if you find this video useful, please
share it with someone who would find it useful. Go ahead give it a like, give it a thumbs-up,
pass it around. Guys, I really appreciate you and everything
we build here at Real Men Real Style. And, if you’re looking for some great-looking
watches, go check out Vincero. Just I really love this blue strap right here. Do you guys — what are your favorite strap
colors? Let me know down in the comments. I like this green. The one I probably get the most miles of is
just the dark brown. It’s something I feel works with a wide
variety of outfits. Guys, I’m linking to Vincero all these watches
down in the description. Great company. Over two years I’ve been working with them. Awesome, they’re the real deal. I’m proud to support them. Hey, you’re still here at the end of the
video. All right, so I got an idea. Let’s do a staring contest. I’m going to use this chronograph here and
get this going. Go! All right, so keep those eyes wide open. Stare right here, let’s see how long you
can go. Oh, yeah, staring contest. Now, I should have known this and I should
have picked up on this is that I’ve got these humongous lights. I’ve actually got one, two, three, six lights
here plus all the other I’ve got another twelve back over. Okay, I just lost. I am not actually very good at staring contest
as you can tell. Did I actually beat anybody out there? Please let me know in the comments that I
beat you at this staring contest. [0:06:56] End of Audio

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