10 Tips to Help You Look Stylish… in a Hurry!

10 Tips to Help You Look Stylish… in a Hurry!

– How to look stylish in a hurry? (exciting music) Hi ladies, it’s Erin, and
welcome back to my channel. How many of you on regular
basis feel like this? Like you’re barely keeping
your head above the water you’re treading water,
because you have so many things going on, whether
it’s the kids, the husband, the house, the job, the
groceries, the cooking, the meal planning, the
clothes you gotta order, the camps, the extracurriculars. It can feel like you just
can barely breathe some days I get intense insatiety sometimes because I feel like my to do list is so long there is no way I’m ever
gonna get anything done and sometimes I just bust out into tears to my husband and say I don’t know how I’m gonna manage this
and you know he’s always so great at calming me down and talking me out of the anxiety. But, why am I talking about this? Because I feel like we’re most
of us are in this position we are very pressed for time. So I wanted to share some of
the things that you can do that will help you get
out the door quicker. (exciting music) Don’t wash your hair everyday. If you wash it everyday, that’s gonna take so much time out of your day to dry it, style it the whole thing. What I typically do, is I’ll
wash it every three days and when I do wash it, I
usually wash it at night. And then I let it air-dry
while I’m sleeping and that saves me some
time, but in the morning when you want to shower
off, but you don’t wanna wash your hair, hop in the shower with your shower cap pop out the shower and then, you use a
crap ton of dry shampoo. I use the Dove dry shampoo,
by the bucket load. I should buy a stock in the company, because I use so much of that dry shampoo. I’ve tried all the other brands and I really, really
truly love this brand. I think it’s the best. It also works really
well when you just wanna add some volume to your hair
if it’s a bit little flat, but when your hair looking dirty or dingy I’ve even done it like after
a run or after working out eww I know, but sometimes
that’s the reality and I know that you
probably done that too. So you just spray the roots and you spray the sides really well and you brush it out and
then all of a sudden your hair looks clean and nice and ready. You’re ready to start that
day with that hair. (giggles) (exciting music) The next thing to think about is, what the heck to do with your hair? Now that it doesn’t look greasy or like you just went for a run, what did you do with
it, so I did do a video featuring five really
quick hairstyles that I use quite often, I will
put a link to that below. But essentially you could
do, just have a couple that are ready, the you
know okay, I can do this. And on those days that,
I’m on a hurry sometimes I do half-up, sometimes I do a ponytail it just depends what I’m
wearing and how I’m feeling, but those hairdo’s are all like minutes. It takes minutes to execute. So you gotta have at least
one of those ready to go. (exciting music) The next thing, you know
you sorta think about simultaneously is what are you wearing? And part of the might be
oh shoot I wanna wear that strappy-cami, but I know it’s
looking a little bit wrinkly and I don’t have time to iron it and I don’t have time to steam it. So before you hop into
the shower to rinse off, just hang that cami up on a hanger hang it right outside the shower door, hang it inside the shower
if you have the space, make sure you shut your bathroom door and sort of give it a shower-steam. So it will be less wrinkled. Will it be perfect probably
not, but in 10 minutes we’re not looking for perfection. We’re looking for getting you out the door looking pulled together on time. (exciting music) The next thing, that
I would definitely use as a go to, is a bold lip. When you have a bold lip,
it just looks like okay you really took some time,
to put yourself together. And we know the reality you did not. But when you put on a nice bold lip people will think that you look like you put a lot of time and effort into it. So it doesn’t have to be a bright red lip, it can be a beautiful pink lip, or a beautiful burgundy if it’s fall. Whatever, you know speaks to you but if you take a little time do a nice bold lip that is
going to make a difference with your overall look. (exciting music) You’re gonna wanna grab one accessory. One impactful accessory, whatever that is. Whether it’s a choker or a ring or a cuff a long pendant necklace, whatever it is just grab one accessory so the
outfit looks pulled together. So it doesn’t really
matter what you’re wearing, it could be jeans and a
T-shirt, but if you’ve got the one accessory, it’s
gonna tie it together. So that’s an important thing to remember no matter what kind of hurry you’re in grab that one accessory. (exciting music) The next thing, I wanna talk about is a little bit more about your outfit choice and I think and I’ve mentioned
this in another video it’s very important to
have that go-to outfit if you’re struggling to know what your go-to outfit is or how
to identify your go-to outfit or your signature style. I will put a link to the
video, below ’cause I did like seven tips to help you find that. So you got your uniform. For me it’s skinny jeans, heels, a tee or a tank or a cami and a blazer. And the blazer can take different forms. Like it could be a
motor-jacket, it could be a sleeveless jacket, it could be any kind of third layer basically
but that my uniform. That’s my style uniform and when I don’t know what-the-heck
to wear that is what I grab out of the closet. So you need to have one
of those, because again on those days when you
don’t have a lot of time you need to have that outfit
in your mind at the ready ready to throw on your body,
so you can run out the door. (exciting music) The next thing, I would say
is to think about your shoes. You know, not all of us can wear heels. If you can wear heels that definitely takes your whole look up a notch and elevates it if you can’t wear heels a great pointy toe flat
or a beautiful sandal will do the trick. A really cool pair of flat booties. Think of your shoes as an
opportunity to elevate that look. (exciting music) Next up are sunglasses. This is so key, especially
for us as we get older and like let’s say you
only did your lip and maybe your little 30 second eyebrow, you don’t have any eye makeup
on so put the sunglasses on. All of a sudden you look
like a Hollywood movie star nobody knows you have no eye makeup on and that it took you 10
minutes to get ready. You’ve got that beautiful
lip, the sunglasses, the brows are good. Your good, like the
sunglasses are everything. So of course that’s not
gonna solve your problem if you have a business meeting
or something like that. But again, on those days where you’re just running and gunning and
you have an appointment maybe it’s a doctors
appointment, maybe you gotta pick the kids up from somewhere
and you don’t necessarily need to have a full face of makeup throw on those sunglasses,
you know the more glamorize and cool and modern the sunglasses the better your look is going to be. (exciting music) The next tip, is for those of you who change your bag regularly. So let’s say your wearing your white jeans and your lavender T-shirt and you’re like I can’t carry
the black bag with that, because it’s just gonna
bring the whole outfit down damn it, but I don’t have time to change. This is where you need bag
within the bag concept. I love my Henri Bendel wallet, because my Henri Bendel
wallet has the wristlet, which is this strap I can pull up. And take it out of the bag,
it also has the iPhone pocket, it has the lipstick pocket,
it has all the pockets for my cards and money and everything. So everything I need
is right in the wallet. So I just put it into
the bag I’m gonna use, take it out put into the
next bag I’m gonna use. It makes it very quick,
simple, easy and I just know like I have everything as long
as that wallet is in my bag. (exciting music) The last tip, is when
you’re in this big hurry and you’ve had this
rough morning and you got into a fight with your husband and your kids were just not doing
what you asked them to do and you wanted to tear your hair out. And it was rough. And you barely had time
to drink your coffee. You didn’t get to go to the bathroom like, everything went wrong that morning. If you go out into the
world and you project that, it’s gonna affect your day. So when you step-out the
door, I always tell my kids like when they’re having a bad day, lets put the magic force field and they walk through it, vroom. And once they walk through
it all that goes away. Now, I wish the this
were true all the time. The magic force feel was a real thing, but just mentally put it
up at your door, vroom. And then when you step out
the door you’re gonna leave all of the crap behind you and you’re gonna step out the door and then immediately have
a smile on your face, be happy you know people ask you, how you are, you say great you don’t say, ugh, my morning was so bad and aah my husband is driving me crazy or my kids are just like little brats and I can’t take it anymore, aah! No one wants to hear that. Fake it till you make it, essentially. (laughs) But the more you smile and
the more confidence you have it doesn’t matter how
quickly you got ready, you’re going to look better, more stylish, happier, more joyful and more confident. Keep this list handy, right up here and it should help, I think. It helps me a whole bunch and I think I’ll help you a whole bunch. Thank you guys so much for
watching, do let me know if you have questions. I’ll put the links to the videos that I talked about below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel also over on the website: Busbeestyle.com Completely different content
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