10 Things EVERY MAN Should Own In 2020

10 Things EVERY MAN Should Own In 2020
[0:00:00] In today’s video, gents, we’re talking
about the things that every man needs to own in 2020.
[Music] So, the first item on this list is going to
surprise you because it’s not something you can buy, it’s not something that somebody
can give to you, it’s not something that anyone can take away without your permission.
What am I talking about? A vision for your future. A big vision, a grand vision.
Gentlemen, what I’m talking about here is we’re going through dark times and you need
to have a light at the end of the tunnel. Because even if it’s faint even if it’s
far off, when you see that light, what does it tell you? Which direction to go and you
can see yourself making progress. There’s a lot going on in the world, guys.
I know many of you guys are going through some incredibly tough times. You’ve got
to own a vision. I want you to put together a vision board. We need to have direction.
We need to have a bigger goal. And you own this, nobody can take it from you.
It may get dark and you may wait six months, a year from now, two years from now, but have
that direction of the home you’re going to buy, where you’re going to be with that
new job. You’re going to transform your career. You’re going to take this opportunity
to pivot and go into an entirely different industry and finally start your company, get
your nonprofit off the ground. I don’t know what your dream and vision is, but you do
and don’t let anyone take it away. Own it. Next up on my list, every man should own books
that he reads again and again. Books that motivate them, books that actually he wants
to give to people because they’re going to inspire. Books that actually go back and
take from ancient wisdom, so that he knows he’s not alone. That, yes, he’s going
through struggle now, but, hey, people have gone through it before. Books that speak to
him maybe as a business owner that lay out, hey, there is a process, there are systems
for you to succeed. Next up on the list, noise-cancelling headphones.
So, you’re going to be inside quite a bit probably with other people. That’s a great
thing except when you want to jam out listen to your favorite tunes. Me, I want to go back
to the 1990s, 1980s listen to Pearl Jam, listen to, yeah, Flock of Seagulls.
Thing is, my wife isn’t a big fan of that music, so I can’t really turn up the radio.
But, what I can do is to jam out listen to my tunes getting the dishes done, doing chores
around the house. Yeah, this is my guilty pleasure.
Now, all the items I’m going to be talking about in today’s video, I’m going to link
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Next up, gents, I’ve got a jump start and tire inflator. I keep this in my wife’s
van and I can tell you that this has saved our butts numerous times. So, my wife likes
to leave the lights on. Actually, it’s the kids, they leave the lights on inside the
van. She doesn’t check the tires very often. We have been on the road and all of a sudden,
oh, the tires seem like it’s going flat. Oh, all of a sudden we’ve got a dead battery
because someone left the lights on. This has saved us so many times. I know you can put
jump cables on there, but you got to rely on somebody else. What I love about this is
actually we can use this battery, we recharge it all the time. You could also use it to
charge up electronic devices. This is just such a functional tool, every man should own
one – and woman. Oh, if you need some large you got a full
size truck, I highly recommend this one right here. I keep this one in my vehicle.
Next up on the list, a basic tool set. Now, I know some of you tool snubs are going to
say, “Antonio, why would you recommend a kit like this? The quality of the tool is
not that great.” I agree, but here’s the thing is that you need to start somewhere
and what I love about these kits is they keep everything organized, you can put it away
until you need it. And, let’s not forget our power tools. I
think every man should at least own a drill. I also love my Sawzall. I’ve got a wide
variety of different power tools, but I want to hear from you guys down in the comments
what would you recommend to a guy just starting off.
Next up on the list, a pocket knife or a multi-tool. When you start to carry a blade, you find
all of these different situations in which, well, these are incredibly useful. All of
a sudden, yeah, you need Amazon package to open up, boom! You’ve got the blade for
it. [0:05:00]
Seriously, and I know maybe the power tools maybe the tool sets that are not in your future,
but a multi-tool like this has so many different functions. That’s why I love them, in a
pinch they can get the job done. Now, initially I was going to put running
shoes on this list because I do think a man needs to work on his cardio, he needs to take
care of his heart. But, instead I want to throw on here jump rope. Yes, jump rope.
Does anyone out there jump rope? I know I have started this. My son is a big jump roper.
We’re using all different types of weighted jump ropes and I am amazed at the cardio workout
you can get in a very small confined space. And I think that’s key. For a lot of us,
hey, it’s going to be difficult to get out of our apartment, it’s going to be hard
to go hit the trail go running when there’s people all around.
But guess what? In your apartment, in a cramped small space, you can jump rope. This is amazing
exercise, again, that you can do in a confined space. The only thing, if you got someone
living below you, yeah, you may make a bit of noise.
Now, this next one, I don’t know why guys don’t do this sooner, but you need to invest
in a good mattress, sheets, blankets, and pillow. Here’s the thing. You spend one-third
of your life sleeping and for a lot of you, you’re not getting a good night’s sleep.
You’re worried, you just got too much on your mind.
Guys, you want to be able to crawl into your bed and not only get a good night’s sleep,
but actually enjoy the time you’re sleeping, sleep better because guess what? That’s
going to boost your health, your immune system when you actually can get rest and sleep through
the night. One of the things I did is I found the right
pillow. So, I realized I sleep on my back and therefore, I need a think pillow. I didn’t
know that there were different types of pillows and my wife occasionally – she has this
really big, she’s Ukrainian, have these huge pillows and that’s not for me. I’ve
got a pillow that I laid right back and I breathe easier and I sleep a lot better.
Also, my mattress, I invested a lot of money in a mattress over a decade ago. I now I probably
need a new one, but here’s the deal is this mattress is still incredibly comfortable,
it’s large and I can lay and I can sleep incredibly well. In addition, I’ve got nice
comforters, I’ve got great sheets. The point is when I go to bed, I’m excited, I feel
great in bed and I get a good night’s rest. So, I think every man needs to own an electric
toothbrush. Why? Because this makes brushing so much easier and better. Here’s the deal.
It may be a while until you can get to the dentist. You don’t want to go see the dentist
after an extended time and then say, “Oh, my gosh, you’ve now got all these cavities,
you’ve got all these plaque, you actually have gingivitis, you’ve got gum disease.”
I know, that happened to me and ever since I’ve been using an electric toothbrush,
my dentist again and again because I have to go to the dentist now every three months,
they’ve been saying, “Wow! You do a great job. Whatever toothbrush you’re using, continue
to use it because you don’t have near the plaque buildup you used to have.”
All right, gents. So now, let’s talk style. This is a style channel. Every man should
own an outfit that makes them feel like a million bucks. I don’t know what it is for
you. Maybe it’s a suit, maybe you’re a classically-styled guy, maybe you’re a street-styled
guy. I don’t know, maybe you’re casual, maybe t-shirt and jeans and some nice shoes
actually define you because you thought through you go with that that black shirt with those
dark-colored jeans with that leather jacket. Whatever it is, guys, find a look that works
for you and rock it and make sure that you’ve got that, so when you’re ready to go out
when you’re ready to get on that video conference, all of a sudden you put that on and you feel
like a million bucks. Everyone’s got their unique identity their unique style. Find yours
and own it. But, what if you want to chill especially
if you’re working from home? Guys, I highly recommend you got a pair of pajamas or a nice
robe. Why? Because it’s about a mindset shift. If you’re working from home, you’re
staying at home quite a bit. You’re dressing nice let’s say during the day because you’ve
got some meetings, you want to feel and you want to set the tone I am here at work.
But, earlier on, later in the evening, in the day, you want something to change into
because what we wear does have an effect on our mindset, so when you put on that nice
robe when you put on those PJs, all of a sudden you’re in a relax mode, you’re more laid
back. You shut down that computer you pack it away because you are now just simply going
to enjoy the evening. Now, if you’re a long time subscriber of
Real Men Real Style, this next one is no surprise, man boxes. What am I talking about? Watch
boxes, sunglass boxes, boxes for I don’t know your grooming gear. Yes, a Dopp kit is
technically a box to hold everything. Why do I love these boxes? Well, the shoeshine
box whenever I want to shine my shoes, guess what? It’s functional, so I can actually
put my foot up here, I can put the towel in there and I can shine. But, also holds the
gear and I can find when I need it. That’s what I love about organization boxes. You
buy some nice ones, they look good when you put them on display and they’re functional
as you’re able to find what you’re looking for when you need it.
And speaking of watch boxes, every man should own a nice watch. There’s something about
wearing a watch. When you find a watch that you love, it’s not just about telling the
time, it’s about your relationship with time.
So, what did I miss? What would you have added to the list? 50 gallons of water? A Shadow
Systems MR918? A tomahawk? Guys, I want to hear from you down in the comments, let me
know. So, what video to watch next? Well, guys,
if you’re going to buy anything online, you want to check out this video. I made it
awhile back, but I give you all my tips and tricks to save money when shopping online.
Very useful video, go check it out. [0:10:06] End of audio

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