10 SURPRISINGLY Stylish Clothing Combinations | AWESOME Outfits You Wouldn’t Expect

Peanut butter with pickles, strawberries with
sour cream, baking a chicken with apples, mixing an avocado with honey. Now, those may not sound very appetizing unless
you’ve actually tried them and you realize those are delicious combinations. In today’s video, gents, we’re going to talk
about surprisingly stylish clothing combinations. Surprisingly clothing combination number one,
gentlemen. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns,
have fun with this. In fact, you can bring in four or more patterns
very easily and a lot of guys resist this because they’re afraid it’s going to over
it’s going to come off as just too much as flamboyant as looking clownish. Here is the key with matching patterns and
looking stylish is make sure that you never repeat the same pattern to keep them muted
especially when you start to bring in a lot. So, let’s start off with the suit. Oftentimes we’re going to keep this solid. Most of you guys maybe own a few solid suits. If you own more, then you can start to bring
in other patterns. But, the key when you bring in all these patterns
together, make sure that they’re not the same size. So, if you’re going to bring in multiple stripes
make sure that the basically the space between the stripes on your shirt on your suit are
not the same. But, let’s say you go with a solid suit, then
you could bring in a striped shirt. Right here I’ve got solid colored shirt, but
I could have easily brought in a stripe. Then, wear a necktie, a necktie being able
to bring all of a sudden a wide range such as dots, such as small repeating patterns. You can also bring in a bit of texture. Then, your pocket square, all of a sudden
paisleys. If you’re aware this is a sports jacket, you
could actually bring in maybe a glen check on your trouser or have a very muted glen
check on the jacket and keep the trousers solid. So, right there you could see bringing in
four to five patterns and those combinations look especially if you keep the colors a bit
muted nothing really standing out, the whole combination just really can work for you. So now, I want to take a second to bring in
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tell you I love it. Doesn’t this look great with this outfit the
brown right here with the blue that nice silver steel? I’ve told you guys I’m a silver guy. Some of you guys may be gold, but whatever
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check them out. Another surprising combination I love is when
you actually mix a rougher textured fabric with a smoother textured fabric. So, right here we’ve got regular cotton shirt,
very tight weave. It’s made from an Egyptian cotton and has
a very nice a little bit of a, you know, not sheen or anything, but definitely has a nice
smooth look. Then, over here on the jacket we got texture
with it. The pocket square, this one is made from linen,
again, very smooth. So, using texture mixing rough with smooth
is a great combination. This tie would look great simply because,
hey, it’s going to contrast a bit with the shirt. It’s also the color is going to help it stand
out. But, I could just as easily wear a very nice
silk and, again, that nice sheen on it, a very dressy look and it would kind of take
this up, this is going to be a pretty casual look, but you guys can see how you can mix
and have fun with those combinations. Surprising clothing combination number three. Incorporate the odd vest. So, the odd vest is where you’ve actually
got it separate from a three-piece suit. This is a vest that stands on its own. Oftentimes the back of this vest is going
to be made, so it can be seen off. If you look at one that was comes with a suit
it’s oftentimes going to have a silk back odd vest or oftentimes going to have more
of a structured back. They’re going to look a little bit more finished
back there, but you can still go with something that’s got a silk background. The idea though is to wear it with a jacket
or to wear it with a pair of trousers in of itself, so that the color stands apart. So, right here if I wore a red, if I wore
a blue that would look really good. The red definitely would stand out would grab
attention. Most of it depending on how the V is right
here and me wearing this jacket, it actually would be covered. But, people at different angles would be able
to see the layered look and I think it’s a great way to be able to add style. Actually, the function of a vest is actually
to add warmth, so right there you can level up your style by bringing in the odd vest. Surprising clothing combination number four. Navy suits with dark brown shoes. A lot of guys they always go with the black
shoes. Why not change it up? Go with the dark brown. And, if it’s a lighter blue suit if it’s a
true blue suit, maybe look at oxblood. Surprising combination number five and while
we’re talking about shoes with suits, why not a pair of white clean sneakers with a
casual suit? What’s a casual suit? A casual suit is often made from a pattern
that’s going to be a little bit more eye-catching not necessarily the darkest color or a solid
color, it’s going to bring in a pattern. You could also have texture with it. But, try matching that with a white pair of
sneakers. Now, you have to have confidence, you need
to make sure it’s appropriate. But, for a younger man I think you can pull
it off especially if you’re going to be on your feet all day. But, notice I said clean. The thing with those white shoes, you got
to keep them clean. So, you’re going to be walking to the city
and it’s a muddy day, guys, don’t even try. Surprising clothing combination number six. Wear dark-colored shirts with lighter colored
jackets. I pull this off a lot of my videos because
I love darker colored shirts. So they’re a big part of my wardrobe and a
lot of the jackets I gravitate towards are going to be lighter, a little bit have a little
bit of color to them. But, I can wear the shirt with a white jacket
with a gold jacket which I’ve done with a lighter brown, then actually this go with
maybe a tan. I could also wear this with a light blue a
light green a wide variety of colors I could pull off with this darker colored shirt. Surprising clothing combination number seven
closely tied to the last one we talked about is actually pulling in turtle neck sweaters
or wide variety of darker colored sweaters and wearing them with those lighter colored
jackets. Again, we’re looking to get mileage out of
everything. You know guys, you know, I love the interchangeable
wardrobe, but I think maybe a burgundy colored sweater with a brown light brown colored jacket
is a great combination especially if you’ve got a medium to high contrast and that’s basically
where you’ve got lighter colored skin with darker colored hair or you’ve got medium colored
skin with medium colored hair or dark colored hair. So, for those kind of guys, they can definitely
pull off that look. My next surprising clothing combination, gentlemen
take the classic navy jacket, the one maybe with the gold buttons with a nautical feel
to it, mix it with red chinos, great combination. Now, make sure that they aren’t cargo pants,
they don’t have the cargo on them. That’s a little bit too fashion forward. And I do recommend this combination for the
younger men, but I think it’s but a lot of guys even into their 30’s and 40’s can still
pull off. Now, these last two combinations have to do
with denim. So, first off, you can wear jeans with a denim
top, so denim and denim. The key here is you don’t want them to match
exactly. You want to go with something that’s kind
of big contrast maybe a darker wash in your jeans and a lighter wash in on the jacket. Now, let’s get back to that denim jacket for
our last surprising clothing combinations. So, I think the denim jacket is a classic
piece in any man’s wardrobe. Get the fit right, but when you get the fit
right and it’s close to the body, it maybe, you know, too cold outside to actually just
wear this jacket in of itself, but you can layer with it. So, if it’s close enough of a fit and if your
sports jacket is a little bit looser, you can actually wear that denim jacket under
a sports jacket. Now, that’s going to be a little bit more
of fashion forward look, probably more a look that more guys can pull off is when they wear
the denim jacket and they wear another jacket over that heavier coat like maybe a parka,
maybe a, you know, a type of trench coat maybe an overcoat maybe a pea coat. I’ve seen that, it looks really good. You can even wear a fatigue jacket as well. But, what I like to see is a little bit more
of contrast between maybe the pea coat, the darker color and the lighter colored denim
just a great overall combination. Guys, hopefully you learn something new in
this video. I and I would love to hear from you guys down
in the comments what are some surprising clothing combinations that you highly recommend? And go check out Original Grain, a great company. They’ve been a sponsor for over a year. Their watches are amazing and let me know
what your favorite wood is because I’ve got some, you know, if I’ve got some extra watches,
I’ll send them your way. Gentlemen, that’s it. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video.

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