You don’t need to own expensive things
to look expensive, looking effortlessly chic can one hundred percent be achieved with
a few key pieces and a few clever tricks of your sleeve
so in this edition I wanted to show you just that how with 10 simple style tips
you can look classy, elegant and timeless on a budget .Often the trick to creating
a perfect effortless chic outfit is to mix casual pieces with something smarter
so for example a slouchy jumper worn with a polished midi skirt maybe a
vintage t-shirt with a pair of tailored trousers or if like me you love wearing
your jeans just add a simple white tee with a beautiful pair of heels to really
elevate the whole look so looking at the outfit I’m wearing for example I’ve just
got a white shirt with a pair of jeans to really elevate the look I’ve just
simply added a blazer I think Blazers are so so handy to have
in your wardrobe particularly if you’re after this style of looking classy
elegant and timeless they will mix and match with so much in your wardrobe I
tend to use them almost on a daily basis in this next outfit I’ve paired a pair
of tailored trousers but you’ve got that lovely long wide leg just with a simple
t-shirt and it’s one of those looks that you wouldn’t think it would work but I
think it really does I do really love the juxtaposition of smart mix with
casual I think it’s not only very stylish but I also think it can look
really effective to try and be a bit more experimental than you’re used to
try and put some outfits together that you wouldn’t think would work because
actually that’s when you find some of the best outfits and your wardrobe ends
up really surprising you just how many outfits you can
eight if in doubt match your shoes with your
handbag there’s few easier ways to make your whole outfit look more chic and put
together so for example in this outfit I’m just wearing a very basic pair of
jeans and a t-shirt but when we add a handbag and a pair of heels in a similar
tone it really pulls the entire outfit together on the other end of the scale
if I wanted to use this somewhat laid-back bohemian bag
I’d pick out that gold tone and pair it with these metallic gold heels they’re
not a perfect match but it makes the outfit cohesive and in turn despite it
being really laid-back as an outfit it still looks classy, elegant, timeless
and chic .Now I could do this with pretty much every handbag I’ve got in my
wardrobe and I’m sure you could too and it’s a really easy style tip that you
can do with items you’ve already got in your wardrobe tip number three taking care of yourself
and your clothes properly will make even the most basic outfit look polished
having a good skin care routine is important but you don’t have to spend a
fortune at all there are some great products on the high street and from
some really reasonable brands that will give you glowing skin without breaking
the bank keeping your nails neat and tidy will
absolutely help your overall look you don’t have to have expensive manicures
you don’t even need to wear nail varnish if you don’t want to just so long as
they’re neat clean and healthy it will absolutely help getting that classy
elegant look and your hair could make a massive
difference to looking elegant and chic having brittle hair could ruin the most
beautiful outfit for hair care as you know I am a big fan of Function of beauty
so I’ve partnered with them again in this video to tell you about their
brilliant range now everything is 100% vegan and cruelty free there are no
parabens sulfates GMOs or toxins now if you look on their website they have a
very clever tool called the hair quiz essentially in two minutes you can
tailor make your shampoo conditioner or hair mask exactly to your needs
now I actually wash my hair with their products this morning so I use the
shampoo conditioner and the conditioning mask as well which comes in this lovely
pot my hair is always tricky when I wash it getting to be the tangles can be a
bit of a nightmare but I can honestly say today I actually think it’s made a
massive difference and that’s just from born wash so I would definitely be using
my shampoo and conditioner on a daily basis as I just run out of the previous
ones and I shall be using the hair mask at least once a week to try and keep my
hair looking like this on a daily basis now function of beauty have kindly
offered my subscribers a 20% off discount code on your first order so at
the end of this video do find the link in the description box below not only to
have a look at their range but also to take advantage of that discount code as
well so all in all good grooming with skin hair nails and beautiful makeup
will make a massive difference not only making you feel better but looking more
polished and put together in the process one of the best ways to elevate your
whole outfit and always look classy and elegant is to invest in at least one
piece of timeless outerwear a classic trench coat for example is not only
hugely on-trend for this spring summer but it will also never date another
example would be a beautiful wool coat which will always elevate your whole
outfit you could be wearing something really simple underneath something very
laid-back and then when you stick that beautiful wool coat over the top
it certainly elevates the whole look it makes it look expensive but most
importantly timeless a camel coat instantly has that effect for me there’s
just something about that tone that just looks luxurious and elegant without even
trying now I bought this structured camel coat from Massimo Dutti last
winter yes beautiful out where is an investment but I would say it’s the
single most important one you could add into your wardrobe if you really want to
create that classy elegant and timeless look this is a cocoon shaped
three-quarter length coat and I decided to go for it in black it was affordable
and made of a beautiful fabric by brand I really love and I think that’s the key
not just with outerwear but with all of your clothes by the best fabric you can
afford and you will have it in your wardrobe for years now with investment
pieces I tend to play it safe and stick with neutral tones that way I know that
they’re not going to go out of fashion in say five years time I spent a bit
more money than I would normally I really want it to last
essentially investing in classic well-made pieces will always be a good
idea for your wardrobe now with new fashion trends coming in
all the time it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming and sometimes we can all
get sucked into a trend me included with guide lists of whether it actually suits
us or not but there is nothing more stylish classy and elegant and seeing a
woman who really knows her own style trends can come and go but really
knowing and being true to your own personal style will absolutely elevate
your look if you imagine a woman in a ball gown let’s say it’s a beautiful
emerald green color it’s cut on the bias its skimming into every single curve and
she looks stunning now imagine another woman who’s out and about shopping she’s
just wearing a simple white tee / of jeans ballet flats and maybe got a tote
bag over her arm for me they could both look equally stylish if they are
following their true personal style because when it truly comes down to it
it’s not just about the clothes that they wear it’s about how they feel in
those clothes and the confidence that outfit gives them that true style really
does come from within if I know it will work for my lifestyle and I feel
comfortable in it but most importantly it makes me feel good if you try and
stick to those tips you should never have anything in your wardrobe that you
regret buying the simplicity of a white button-down
shirt is foolproof when you want to look classy elegant and
chic on a budget first up you probably already got one in your wardrobe but if
you haven’t the high street is full of really affordable options secondly
pretty much everyone can wear this style there’s no size or shape that couldn’t
make it work and thirdly it’s the perfect look for when you really don’t
know what to wear and you’re in a rush it’s hugely low maintenance so it seems
like it’s a complete no-brainer but there are a few rules I follow to make
sure I get the look just right for me it must never be too tight when sleeves are
pulling at the seams or the shirt is too tight over the chest or waist you lose
that classy elegance you’re after don’t worry what size you end up buying just
go for the one that fits you the best I always go for 100% cotton anything
less either won’t sit right or breathe it in the same way I prefer my white
button-down shirts and a slightly heavier cotton than normal so they have
that slightly stiffer crisper feel and always always press your shirt perfectly
the idea of this look is all about looking crisp and polished if your shirt
is all creased and sloppy you’ll lose the desired effect a beautiful crisp
white shirt will elevate even the simplest of outfits without having to
try too hard at all now I did a video like this quite a
while ago now so I thought it was about time I did an updated version there are
different tips in that one up to this one so I will pop a link in the
description below so you can watch that one after if you wish now if you really
take proper care of your clothes you’ll finally not only last longer but look
more chic as a result try and focus on buying the best fabrics you can afford
natural fibers fibers that are going to be really breathable but also ones that
are going to last really well treat your delicates like they are delicate I don’t
completely trust my washing machine after a few mistakes I’ve had in there
when it says I can wash wool and I can wash silk I don’t think it ever quite
works so now if I don’t take them to the dry cleaners
I will wash everything cold by hand that way I can feel totally assured I’m going
to retain the quality of those items iron your clothes really well I buy a
lot of clothes obviously it’s my job as a fashion blogger and sometimes when I
order items from a store in the box arrives I’ll take an item out of the box
and it looks like an old rag that’s why I only ever make up my mind whether I’m
going to keep or return that item once I’ve ironed it properly because it’s so
hard to see the actual qualities of that item if it’s all screwed up in a ball
hang everything properly ideally on wooden hangers you can pick these up
pretty cheaply at IKEA now if you don’t have room to hang everything why not
split your wardrobe into summer and winter and put half of it away into
storage that way you can have the season that
we’re in all hanging nicely on a rail a good test is to look at your own
wardrobe and do a rough calculation of how much all of it is worth it’s a
little bit scary but it does make you think twice about really taking care of
all those pieces I’m a big fan of tucking in your tops
your jumpers whatever it is I might be wearing on my top section it’s an easy
and really simple way to just elevate your whole look and the fashion world as
it has a tendency to do has developed this trend tenfold you can do the mullet
tuck which is tucking in the front and leaving the back out the man tuck which
is a little bit 90s the smug tuck which is squeezing tight knits into your
bottoms the half tuck the double tuck you get the idea the list is endless
essentially just tucking in your tops however you do it can have a lovely
effect your overall look it creates cleaner lines it gives you definition it
looks a lot neater and then that looks polished and it happens to be on trend
at the moment too now personally I’m not one for all these silly tuck names but I
do like to tuck the majority of my top section into my bottoms because I feel
like it really elevates my look now when it comes to accessories I am of
the opinion that less is always more no matter what style of outfit you’re
trying to achieve personally I don’t like anything too brash or in-your-face
no matter how much it costs that’s not to say that expensive jewelry is not
beautiful I just don’t think you have to spend a fortune to get that classy
elegant look you can absolutely achieve that on a
budget so here’s some of my favorite pieces I found recently I hope my style tips have given you a
few ideas and a bit of inspiration of how you can very easily create a classy
elegant timeless look it would be really lovely to hear your thoughts in the
comment section below not only what you thought – my style tips but which did
you think would be the easiest to incorporate into your own outfits it
would be really nice to hear from you don’t forget you can subscribe to my
channel and watch my videos every Wednesday and Sunday you can also find
me on instagram at fashion and style edit also there’s the 20% off discount
code for function of beauty be really good to hear what you think of their
collection I shall be back on Wednesday with another fashion fix for you so
hopefully I shall see you then take care


  • Hi Jess. Thanks for a lovely video full of some really great fashion tips. I decided to try the Function of Beauty hair care system. My hair is going through quite a bad period. Probably because Iโ€™ve had this awful upper respiratory thing since October. The hair needs some TLC and I hope this brand will help! Yea!
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