10 Strangest Things Ever Found in The Woods

10 Strangest Things Ever Found in The Woods

– How you doing, I’m Kallen
and this is Slapped Ham. Today we’re looking at
the creepiest things found in the great outdoors. From a trail cam that took a photo of mysterious UFO landing in the woods to a real-life group of Smurfs
strolling through the forest. Join us as we take a look at the 10 strangest things
found deep in the woods. (creepy chiming music) These photos were uploaded
to Imgur in January 2015. The images were taken on a trail camera and said to be captured
within seconds of each other. The first photo seems to show
a dark, disc-shaped object surrounded by glowing white light hovering close to the ground. The second, captured just seconds later, shows a strange humanoid creature standing in the middle of the field. This time the sky is clearly visible and the bright light and
disc-shaped object have gone. Has the trail camera
captured a UFO landing in this clearing among the woods? If so, what is the strange creature staring ominously towards the camera? Something from our world
or another place entirely? (creepy chime music) While out hiking in the
woods of Northern Germany, two friends noticed several large pipes protruding from the ground. Curious, they decided
to investigate further. They discovered a doorway,
hidden behind several bushes, covered by a large wooden lid. They decided to see where the doorway led. To their amazement, they had discovered a huge, disused army bunker. There were several tunnels leading off in different directions, intersecting a long central corridor. As they venture deeper and deeper into the maze-like structure, they came across writing on the wall. It said, “Help,” and
was written in German. The deeper they went, the more
decayed the structure became. Then they stumbled across more writing, this time it read, “Hello
Satan, I love you.” The floor was now inches deep in water and the whole place began
to smell of sewerage. Finally, they made their
way into a very large room with a strange machine in the center. It looked like the previous occupants had fled the bunker in
a hurry as there was a single shoe stuck in
the sludge on the floor. As they continued they rooms deteriorated and the pipework became
even more corroded. Eventually the rooms were
filled with so much water that the pair had to
abandon their investigation and head to the surface. The structure was believed
to be an old military bunker, possibly used for shelter by
the Nazis during World War two. But why did the soldiers
seemingly leave in such a hurry? Were they the ones that had written the warning messages on the walls or was it possible that someone else had discovered the bunker and was still lurking somewhere
within its foul depths? (creepy chime music) In October 2017, several
teenagers spotted this creature in the woods outside of
Corrientes, Argentina. The terrified teens
quickly alerted the police, who showed up a short time later. This photo was reportedly taken by one of the attending officers. It shows a tall, gaunt looking creature with long thin limbs and large black eyes. The police officers were said to have chased the beast towards a nearby river, where they eventually lost sight of it. When the photo appeared
in several newspapers, many people were quick to
claim that the creature was in fact an alien. Well-known conspiracist,
Terry Larch, even said, “This is photo is incredible and may be “the best evidence of
aliens living among us yet.” He added that he thought the
shape of the creature resembled that traditionally associated
with extra terrestrials. Like those seen in movies and drawings. What was this mysterious
beast that these teenagers and police officers witnessed
in the forests of Argentina? Was it an alien or
something else entirely? (creepy chime music) This unsettling photo was
captured on Google Street View. It shows a man wearing a gas mask crouched among the trees on
the side of a country road. Did the Google cameras capture something sinister taking place? Was this strange figure
hiding among the bushes waiting for a lone bush walker to pass by and then drag them to their doom? Or could it be simply a hoax? Let us know in the comments section below. (creepy chime music) This video was taken in the woods near Bridgeport, West Virginia by a man who was doing a spot of night
fishing in the local river. When the man hears some strange noises coming from the distance, he grabs his phone and starts recording. Suddenly he shines his flashlight on a mysterious figure coming towards him. The figure is dressed
in a long black clock and is wearing a sinister
looking clown mask. The man stops recording and runs to the safety of his car
which is parked nearby. When he’s inside he begins recording with his phone once more. The clown has followed the man
all the way back to his car and is standing on the
other side of the fence staring with an empty gaze. What on earth was a
clown doing in the woods in the middle of the night? This footage is unsettling
to say the least, and it certainly has the
markings of pure nightmare fuel. (creepy chime music) In September 2007 a huge spiders web was discovered in the woods
outside of Dallas, Texas. While some initially thought
the web could have been made by a very large, previously
undiscovered species of spider, it was actually found to be a blanket of many webs created by
millions of tiny spiders. Scientists found that the web was created by 11 different species of spider. The most prevalent being the
Guatemalan long-jawed spider which is about an inch long with a reddish-orange head and thorax. The web was believed to be
formed by a mass dispersal event, whereby millions of tiny spiders spin web to ride the air currents
which culminated in the giant, creepy entanglement seen here. Scientists said that the freak phenomena was most likely caused by
an unusually wet summer that had led to an
over-abundance in insects, the a natural food source of the spiders. I’m not sure which theory is worse, one giant spider or millions of tiny ones. Either way this situation is
the stuff phobias are made of. (creepy chime music) In January 2015, Reddit user
Tafsoon posted this photo along with the caption, “Found something that looked like a coffin in the woods today.” While there was no
indication exactly where the picture was taken, it certainly doesn’t
detract from its creepiness. One poster said it may
have been an old grave of an early settler, perhaps a
resident of an old ghost town that’s been forgotten over time,
swallowed up by the forest. However, the fact that the grave was empty raised more questions. Some posters even speculated
that it could have been the resting place of a
zombie or even a vampire. What do you think this grave was for and why is it now empty? Let us know what you think in
the comments section below. (creepy chime music) This photo was a still taken
from a video made by a hiker. However, there are several sources of conflicting information relating to where it was actually filmed. Some claim the video was taken
in the jungles of Indonesia. While others claim it was
filmed somewhere in the Amazon. Either way it makes for
some very strange footage. In the video, the hikers begin to cross a bridge over a stream. When they reach the halfway point they pan to the left and
focus on a small waterful. Next the hiker pans to the right. As they focus downstream,
they quickly turn away, seemingly startled at
what they’ve just seen. If you slow the footage down, you can see a small humanoid creature standing on top of a large rock
in the middle of the river. It has long slender limbs
and large black eyes. It looks to be wearing
dark, tight-fitting clothing and its skin appears to be
a similar shade of green to the plants in the surrounding jungle. Wherever this video was filmed, it is certainly some
very startling footage. If you know the true location or have any more information about this video, we’d love to hear about it in
the comments section below. (creepy chime music) This image was posted to
Reddit in December 2012 by someone with the username applepika, along with the caption, “Me
and the dog did a double take.” While the Smurfs seen in
this photo are clearly five humans dressed in white clothes with their skin painted blue, it does make you wonder
why they were strolling around the woods in the first place. What were the Smurfs up to? Were they just taking in
the fresh mountain air or could they have been up
to something more sinister? And why were there two Smurfettes? (creepy chime music) This photo captured on a trail cam shows a strange creature chasing
a deer through the forest. The creature seen in this picture is believed by many to be
the infamous Jersey Devil, a beast said to roam the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey. It’s described as a large winged creature with a head like a goat, legs like a bird and a long pointed tail. The origins of the Jersey Devil
are somewhat lost in time, however a story from
the early 1700’s tells of a woman named Jane Leeds who, shortly after the birth of her 13th child, was said to exclaim, “Let
this child be a Devil.” When the child was born it flew away, escaping into the woods of
the nearby Pine Barrens. Since then many have claimed
to have had encounters with the mysterious beast. Even Napoleon Bonaparte’s
elder brother Joseph was reported to have
seen the Jersey Devil, when he lived in New Jersey in the 1800’s. In 1925, a farmer
reportedly shot and killed a strange creature that had
been eating his chickens. He was said to have showed
it to more than 100 people, yet no one was able to
identify the creature. Many people believe it could
have been a Jersey Devil. By the mid-1950’s, sightings
of the Jersey Devil became so common that wealthy merchants offered a $250,000 reward
for the capture of the beast. Many people who have reported
to have seen the creature recently believe it’s not
actually supernatural, but rather some sort of strange cryptid that is yet to be classified. What do you think the creature in this trail cam photo could be? Is it the Jersey Devil, or
could it be something else? (creepy chime music) Well here you are, it’s
the end of the episode. Thank you so much for watching. Now if you’re not
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our freshest content and that’s it for me. I’ll see you all next time. Pew.

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