🔥Review + On feet New Balance M 997 DEXP MADE IN USA (Black/Red) Men’s Sneakers by #EasyLifeES 4K

🔥Review + On feet New Balance M 997 DEXP MADE IN USA (Black/Red) Men’s Sneakers by #EasyLifeES 4K

Hi everyone,
Welcome to this channel. Today, we have a brand new pair of sneakers this one they are a bit Premium to say, I love this brand New Balance and “Made in USA” even more and We start with the unboxing. I did find this pair of sneakers in Zalando Prive, I don’t know if you know this (online*) store They usually have offers during… …around 3 days and they are… after that they are disappeared.
So if you are lucky to… …find something in that specific time, that’s great! This pair of sneakers, they cost me around 119 euros and Usually if you don’t know what size you are and if you have the money is best to buy your normal size and half size up Just to be sure and the one it doesn’t fit you… you … just give it back. Because like I said They have it for around three days, after that you won’t find any size anymore and… … shipping it will be like… 5-7 days around… yeah. So… You have to move fast with this ones. My normal sneaker size is Eur “41”, but in New Balance (997 model*) and Onitsuka Tiger (Mexico 66 model*) I have Eur “41.5” and … sometimes even Eur “42” in New Balance (997H model*). This “Made in”… “UK or USA” models from New Balance they are very… …resistant made, so they will last you for years.
I have another pair of “Made in USA” 997’s Since 2016 and it looks like almost brand-new It’s worth the money, I think.
On this particular model, I really like the arch support. For me is great! The lining in this sneaker is a very soft fabric and very resistant. It will last you for years (like the rest of the shoe*). This 997 USA They usually are expensive… …some of them* over 200€ (here in Spain at least*). So, it’s great if you can find them “on Sales”. And now some “On feet” outfits… As always, thank you for watching!
And if you have any questions, just let me know in the comments.
See you in the next one! 🙂

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