드디어 삼익비치를 갔다왔습니다. 부산의 랜드마크가 될 그랑자이더비치 재건축 – 태박이

드디어 삼익비치를 갔다왔습니다. 부산의 랜드마크가 될 그랑자이더비치 재건축 – 태박이

Now, I am looking at Gwangan Bridge and thinking Today, there is no fine dust, and even the sound of the waves breaking is so beautiful. Anyway, the weather was good, the mood was good, and it was good. When I saw him running on the beach, and lying down and sunbathing, I also wanted to enjoy some leisure while looking at Gwangan Bridge, but I don’t have that time. Today, I’m going to go to the apartment next to Gwangan Bridge and the Samik Beach apartment over there. It’s right next to Gwangalli Beach, so I’ll just walk here Oh, I confirmed that you’re lying there Samik Beach is the most famous apartment in Busan. This is where you moved in in 1980. If you have an Apgujeong Hyundai Apartment in Seoul, it would be appropriate to say that there is Samik Beach in Busan. Especially recently, it was known as the place where beauty cheerleader Park Ki-Ryang’s sister lived. I’m not sure if I’m going to meet her today Samik Beach was the first apartment built in Busan in the 1970s as a single brand. It was a super luxury luxury apartment with a community center including a golf practice range, squash market, tennis court, and sauna. If you look at it now, you can think of it as a residential space on a different level from a regular apartment like El City. Anyway, those who have changed their farts at the time have been 40 years since Samik Beach, a famous uncle who lived here, has moved in. In the meantime, a new wealthy village called Haeundae Marine City and El City has been created. Samik Beach and Namcheon-dong, where Samik Beach is located, still lead to the best village And now, when this place is reconstructed, it seems that the movement of wealth and crust will happen again. I often use the expression of the return of the king, but that seems to be true. Samik Beach, after completing the establishment of a union in 2016, is currently preparing to launch a business. The construction contractor was selected as a GS brand of GS E & C, and is carried out under the name of Grand Zayder Beach. Looking at the bird’s eye view, it is said to be built in this way. It is built with about 3,300 households in a total of 12 floors with a maximum of 61 floors, and it is constructed with glass curtain walls. In particular, the front ridge is spacious, so I can see the Gwangan Bridge view even at the rear ridge. The terrace generation, the infinity pool in the complex, and Blossom Island in the form of cherry blossoms will show new luxury apartments that have never been before. Looking at this picture, there may be a shopping mall just below, but I think that the Chanel store will come in safely. Or not Anyway, if you want to talk about just the condition or special contents of Grandzai, you have a lot more than enough to take another YouTube. I just have to replace the explanation that it will show the end of an existing apartment, either externally or internally. It was expected that it would be very difficult to pass the architectural review due to the ultra-high-end special design. In February, the architectural deliberation was passed almost as it was, and it accelerated the business a little. Perhaps due to the impact, 34 pyeong was actually traded at 1,154 million won, and the all-time high was renewed. Anyway, this is great Samik Beach. I’m almost at Samik Beach. Today, I will visit Samik Beach’s current surroundings and the generation of subscribers to introduce the inside to you. Samik Beach consists of three lines: 100-dong line, 200-dong line, and 300-dong line. The 300 dong line is the closest to the sea, and the 100 dong line is the farthest. All 3,000 generations are looking at Jeong Nam-hyang, and now they have painted in primary colors such as red, blue, and yellow. Because there is an aura called Samik Beach, it doesn’t even attract that colorful color, but it looks stylish. Now, let’s walk to the coastline where you can see Gwangan Bridge. The road that the car goes to ends where it was a while ago, and from here it is the place where the car did not go There are a lot of people who walk or exercise freely because they don’t have a car, and they rent bicycles for free. The scenery of Gwangan Bridge in front and Haeundae Marine City in the distance is so peaceful and beautiful. Looking around the corner, there is a trail that is so long and big that you can’t see the end. And next to it is Samik Beach But the unusual thing is that there is a window on the side where the name of the apartment and the name of the apartment should be written. Perhaps in order to maximize the sea view, the generation on the side made a window to the east where the sea is. If you do this, you will be able to see Jeong Nam-hyang but see the sunrise over the sea to the east. Well, there is a curtain wall construction that covers the building with glass. Considering that this apartment was built in the late 1970s as President Park Chung-hee, it seems to be a really innovative design. By the way, it seems like the sea view has not changed. Well, I don’t think this will change even after 100 years There are sports facilities in the middle of the promenade. Although there were not many people on the promenade under the influence of Corona, this place is still hot. Many citizens are stimulated by their health care, so I try to take off my shoes for a while. It’s kind of reckless I can’t walk even three steps, so I rush back in my shoes and go again I am now in the Samik Beach complex. When I look up close, it seems like there is a classic style that I can’t see in new construction these days. Anyway, just looking at these trails in the complex seems to be artificial and unprocessed. Now, I’m going to meet the subscriber Today’s house is 34 pyeong of Samik Beach in Namcheon-dong. Now, today, I introduced Samik Beach, which will be the best landmark in Busan. Needless to say, I am looking forward to seeing that Samik Beach is a brand because it is a brand itself. The union received a business license next year, started construction in 2023, and plans to move in after completing construction in 2027. It’s even surprising that I think about the destruction of this old and huge apartment building and the Grand Zayder Beach in 10 years. Especially in Busan, it is said that the approval procedure for the housing construction business plan is simplified to facilitate the housing business. At the time of completion, Marine City will be almost 15 ~ 20 years old, and it will become aging. Anyway, once they are built, they are proud to be the best for residents. And it seems to play a role as another local attraction and open space for Busan citizens and tourists. People often tell me to invest in scarcity, but I thought that Samik Beach might be the rarest apartment. Then, today we will make the Samik Beach video, and next time we will meet the real exhaust Samik Beach again at 54 pyeong. So goodbye

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  • 삼익비치는 예전에 벚꽃 구경하는 영상 잠깐 본거 같은데 삼비에 대해 제대로 다루는 영상은 처음인듯 혀네요. 기대됩니다. 🙂

  • 우와..재건축 하나보네요 십여년도 더 됐지만 아파트 전단지 돌리다 경비아즈씨한테 엄청 혼난적이;

  • 당감동 서면 삼익도 한 때 그 일대에서 잘 나가는 사람들 많이 살았더랬죠 ㅎ 거기도 평지, 대단지에다 동서남북 이동이 쉬운 입지라 요즘 재건축 추진이 착착 진행되어 가고 있더라고요

  • 그랑자이 너무 기대 됩니다..^^ 기량누님은 거제리 사시는데.. 저기 사는군요.. 처음 알았습니다..ㅎ 태박님 잘보고 갑니다..^^

  • 덕분에 오늘 삼익비치 잘 봤습니다. 항상 재미와 유익한 정보를 주셔서 감사합니다. 부산 재개발도 임장 부탁드릴께요 ~ 광안2, 대연3, 양정1, 온천4 …요런데도  다녀와주시면 좋겠네요 ^^

  • 와…자리가 엘시티쪽보다 더 좋아보입니다…산책로도 좋고요…지금봐도 잘만든아파트같네요..엘베도 2개나 있고요….ㄷㄷ
    다이나믹 부산답습니다…~~~~

  • 드디어 태박님 부산 재건축의 끝판왕을 찍으셨네요.. 코로나로 잠든 부동산 관심을 이 동영상으로 다시한번 지피는 영향력이 느껴지네요..^^ 진짜 당첨되고 싶은 단지입니다.. 다음에는 동래럭키도 재건축 결정나면 한번더 빵터지는 효과가 있겠네요.. 고생하셨어요~~ 화이팅!!

  • 와 저기가 잘사는 아파트였다니 거기다 40년이나 됐다니 그때는 진짜 좋은 아파트였을거 같네요

  • 밤에가면 진짜 너무 이뻐요 삼익비치앞에 엘이디불도
    들어오고 저기 오두막벤치? ㅋ 인가 거기서
    광안대교봐도 이쁘고
    해뜰때 다리랑 같이보면 죽음임 ㄷㄷ
    삼익가지는게 지금 목표인데 ㅜㅜ

  • 진짜 요즘은 엘시티 마린시티 주민들보다 삼익 주민들이 더 부러움 하…. 넘사벽위치지…

  • 해운대 살지만 삼익비치가 좋지요 주차장이 거지같아서 그렇지 ㅎ 수산시장에 메가마트에 참좋은 동네였음 교통편도 최고임 15년전부터 재개발 한다고 했는데 하도 안하더만 드뎌 하네요 여기하고 대우마리나가 제일 기대되는 아파트죠

  • 이야 동쪽으로 저렇게 창이 나있는건 첨 보는데 진짜 신선하네요 ㅋㅋㅋ
    40년 안된거 같이 진짜 깔끔하네요 그와중에 인터폰 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 태박님~~
    언제 한번 말레이시아 쿠알라룸푸르 휴가 겸 촬영한번오세요^^
    저희집 촬영도하고 술도 한잔해요ㅋ

  • 와우…이곳에 사시는분들은 복이 많으신분들인가요?ㅎㅎ완전부럽네요~
    바다보려구 멀리서 기차타고 가는 1인 요기 있는뎅~😅😅
    40여년 지난 삼익비치..지금도 훌륭하고 멋져요~
    태박이님덕분에 오늘도 눈호강하고 가요~~감사합니당^^

  • 우리집 찍혔네 ㅋ 우리집인데 한번도 안가봄 집 살때도 안들어 가봤는데 ㅋ 이렇게보내요

  • 제친구 10년전 센텀살다 5년전에 삼익비치갔는데..될놈은 된다고 가는곳마다 가격이 2배씩 ,,,
    최근에 삼익 전세두고 w로 입주했는데….몇년뒤에 저기 입주하겠네
    하…뭐든 잘만 풀리는 친구놈 생각하면 인생현타 오네요ㅋㅋ 다들 화이팅…

  • 잘봤습니다. 8 ~ 9년전인거같은데 203동에 잠시 살때 같은 라인에서 박기량씨 본적이 있습니다. 사람이 아니었지요 여신 ㄷㄷㅎㅎ

    미운우리새끼 방송보다보니 김건모씨가 부산 동생집 조카 선물준다고 가시던데 삼익비치여서 반가웟던기억도…

  • 삼익타워 부터시작해서 삼익비치 협진태양
    뉴비치가 재건축되면은 완전 멋지겠군요

  • 광안리 갈때마다 삼익비치아파트보면서 저기에사는사람들은 진짜좋겠다 부럽다 하곤햇는데 재건축 조감도보고 더더욱부럽부럽ㅜㅜ

  • 그랑자이 좋으네요.
    가지고 계신분들 정말 부럽습니다.
    제친구가 대우마리나 살았었는데,
    내부는 깔끔하니 좋았어요.친구집 윗집은 판사님 살고,이웃에 고위공무원들도 있고…
    역시 오래되도 입지불변인가 봅니다.
    삼익비치,대우마리나는 오래되도 좋은거 같네요.신혼집 구할때 새집만 보러다닌게 아쉽군요ㅡㅡ

  • 개인적으로 태박님 영상 중 제일 좋았습니다 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ!!! 삼익비치 역시 대단하다…….

  • 그랑자이 완공되면 마린시티 보다 더 멋져질꺼같애요ㅎㅎ
    4년전에 삼비 사려고했을때 샀어야되는데ㅠ지금은 넘사벽
    그래도 지금이싼거아니가싶어요

  • 지구 온난화로 바다수면이 어찌될지 모르는 판국에 바다근처 콩쿠리투? 근처만살아도 바다 소금물 영향으로 빠르게 부식되고ㆍ곰팡이는 어쩔? 뷰가 좋다고?바다라? 태풍 쳐불고 쓰나미 올라와봐ㆍ니들이 제일먼저 뒤져ㆍㆍ도통 이해가안가네ㆍ지구변화를 보면 빠르게 대응해야하는데 그저 부동산 눈팅 한번 박아볼라고 지들끼리 으쌰으쌰ㆍㆍ바다근처 살아본 내가 감히할수있는말ㆍ수억을 줘도 공짜로 줘도 안살아ㆍ장점보단 단점이 쳐많고ㆍ지진나거나 태풍만 불어도 벌벌 할거다

  • 93년에 제가 잠실에 살때 부산거래처 사장님이 자기가 삼익비치 산다고 목에 기브스하던 생각이 나네요 ~~~

  • 해운대 ㅋㅋ
    한 번 마음먹고 놀러갔는데 개똥허세충들 득실 거리고 관광객들 등쳐먹는 촌구석이던데 ㅋㅋ
    주민 처럼 보이는 사람은 대부분 개똥허세 철철 ㅋㅋㅋ 특히 개들이랑 같이 뛰는 사람들은 사람눈 의식 졸라함 ㅋㅋㅋ 부산에서 돈 많아도 촌티나는건 어쩔수 없는가봄 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    연예인들 갔다던 포차거리? ㅋㅋ 연예인들 한테나 서비스주고 친절하겠지 ㅋㅋ 랍스터 안시키니까 손님 취급도 안하고
    자리 텅텅 볐는데 두명 손님 왔는데 본 척도 안함 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ개쓰레기 동네임 ㅋㅋ 다신 안감 ㅋㅋ

  • 마~~너거소장 남천동 살제~~~음 이말은 예전 고위급 공무원이 얼마나 돈을 해먹었는지 알수있는 대목이군요 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • 여기 입주때부터 살았었는데 17년에 아버지가 파셨는데

    저희집 빵구좀 안꼈었는데…..

    근데 조감도가 많아 바꼈네요

  • 삼익비치는 너무 올랐고 또 지하철에서 먼것 같습니다, 장차 구입할려면 수영현대아파트가 민락역과 수영강이 붙어있어 관심갑니다.전망에 대해 코멘트 바랍니다

  • 먼발치 호주에서 봅니다
    13년전에 헌옷 수거했던 곳 입니다
    207동 청소 아줌마 점심 시간 다 지하실
    모입니다 1시부터 각동 수거 일주일에
    1톤500키로 나왔어요 동 마다
    청소 아줌마 다 일자리 잃어 버리겠어요
    아 !옛날이여

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